#102- 45610 Yale Road. Chilliwack BC V2P 2N2

Spencer Lockert

Spencer Lockert graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley in 2013 with his degree in Kinesiology and immediately joined the Ascend team. Spencer got into the field of Kinesiology after a hockey injury sidelined his career.

While attending classes at UFV, Spencer trained aspiring local hockey players. He enjoyed watching them progress, so he decided to continue with personal training as a career in lieu of his original plan to pursue physiotherapy.  Spencer loves seeing the excitement in someone’s face when they do something they were previously unable to do. It can be something little – maybe tying a shoe without putting their foot on a chair – or something big like completing their first marathon. When someone is successful, he can’t help but share in their celebration.

Spencer specializes in injury rehabilitation and athletic performance. He finds it rewarding to improve someone’s quality of movement and quality of life through exercise. Having gone through the recovery process from numerous sports related injuries himself, he thoroughly understands the recovery process. He recognizes the importance of not giving up, but also the importance of listening to one’s body.  As for athletic performance, it is always nice to train specific muscles for the needs of a sport or event while pushing the body to its limits.

Rapid Fire Questions

1. What is your all-time go to healthy meal?
As boring as it sounds I love a good stir-fry. Protein source, lots of veggies, and some zucchini noodles/spaghetti squash instead of pasta/rice.

2. People would be surprised if they knew…
I’m a huge comic nerd – sometimes I amaze myself with how much useless information about fictional superhero characters I have retained.

3. What are your hobbies/ other interests.
I’m active as a linesman officiating junior hockey across the province and western USA. I’m also a fan of watersports including wakeboarding/surfing. I’ve recently started to play tennis as well.

4. Choose your Mr. Men/Little Miss, to describe your work personality?
I feel like I have to be Mr. Tall for obvious reasons

5. What three words would you use to describe our culture at Ascend?
Supportive, Inclusive, inspiring

6.Favourite quote/ inspiration
I’m inspired/motivated by those that I train