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Click here to access the Whole You Transformation Prep Work. The lessons must be completed prior to your initial session. Once you have completed the prep work, please contact the office or your coach to schedule your first nutrition coaching session. 

Click here to start or resume the Whole You Transformation Project.

The Whole YOU Transformation is exactly unlike a diet. It is a 12 week, step-by-step action plan (complete with whole food nutrition, lifestyle and mindset coaching) so you can feel energetic, alive and and comfortable in your body.

You’re going to learn how to:

  • Start working with your body instead of against it
  • Adjust your environment to support your health goals
  • Kick sugar and processed food cravings… for good
  • Transform your body from being a ‘sugar burner’ to being a ‘fat burner’
  • Free yourself from the ‘should I eat that? I really want to eat that… I shouldn’t eat that” self-arguments and take back the reins in your relationship with food.
  • Make new simple, healthy and delicious meals

To your best self,
Tanja + the Ascend team!

If you’re not yet registered, email info@ascendfitnesscoaching.com to sign up!