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I joined Ascend fitness because nothing else was working for me. I had joined other places, but it was a struggle for me to go and no one held me accountable.

I found that I was leading an unbalanced life: getting into arguments with my partner, noticing that I didn’t want to be around people, making excuses to stay indoors and my negative thinking was getting out of control.

I was unhappy with my personality unhappy with my body, unhappy with my relationships and nothing was fulfilling.

I knew I needed to change.

Since joining Ascend, I have become stronger, both physically and mentally. The coaches hold me accountable and are there for me when I just need to talk about my week; they lift me up during my lows, and celebrate my successes with me.

I’ve transformed my mindset with the tools I learned in the Whole YOU Transformation. My negative self-talk although there at times, does not run my life anymore.  My relationships are better, the workouts are now something I look forward to and time to work on myself.

Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle is not a quick fix weight loss program. This is a long-term health transformation. Ascend is so much more than a ‘gym’. The community has barbeques, hikes, group fitness classes, an active and supportive group of members, and the hours are great as well for shift workers!

Take the leap and join. I was nervous to join, but it’s much scarier to fail on your own. The coaches are there for you- you just have to be willing enough to take the leap to transform yourself to a better you!
-Michelle Barwig

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