Theresa Coates

Ascend Fitness is a  very professional organization with a welcoming, family-like atmosphere. You won’t feel like just another number going to a big gym. It’s much more personable and genuine than that. Everyone I’ve worked with has been fantastic, supportive and quite knowledgeable. And detail oriented – they pick up on everything. The coaching programs are excellent! It doesn’t matter what level of ability a person is at the workouts are not too easy – it’s definitely designed to push each individual to continually improve but it’s never so hard and unattainable that it feels impossible. Just enough to keep you coming back for more. There’s lots of feedback and attention to what you are doing whether it’s a private session or group training. 

I first joined Ascend because of a career change led to spending more time sitting behind a computer and traveling. Much, much more time. And with longer intervals of sitting while working came more and more coffee, and less and less attention to eating proper meals at proper intervals. Plus, having to be out with clients at work functions also presented it’s own set of challenges. That along with recovering from an injury, was a less than ideal combination. I had tried on many occasions to get back into my old workout routine but every time my knee couldn’t sustain what I was trying to achieve and I would become frustrated. It took a while, probably a mixture of stubbornness and denial, to realize I was in over my head, that I couldn’t keep doing the same things over and over again and somehow expecting a different result. I needed to seek out someone with expertise to remove the guesswork so that I just needed to focus on doing what was planned out for me and not trying to figure it out on my own because clearly that wasn’t working. 

Since starting with Ascend Fitness I’ve noticed my overall strength increasing which is great. I really notice my knee gaining both stability and range of motion which has been fantastic! That’s been really important for me and I look forward to being able to just go out and do whatever I want to do rather than my injury holding me back. I’ve started losing weight with the Ascend program. It’s been really nice to see the results from sticking with the program.  I’ve noticed lots of little successes since starting. I definitely have more energy through the day. I’m most pleased with being able to walk better, that my knee is feeling stronger and more stable. I also sleep much better. I used to be terrible for being awake late at night scrolling through my phone because I felt restless. I notice a big difference from eating at proper intervals throughout the day rather than drinking nothing but coffee from early in the morning until late afternoon and then realizing I hadn’t eaten anything all day. Setting alarms on my phone to remind myself to eat sounds so simple but I would never have thought of it until it was pointed out to me. And it’s been fantastic! I completely rely on it.

What I can say from my experience is that there will always be a million other things to be done and life will always be hectic, but there comes a point when taking that moment to step out of the daily grind and do something for yourself is more important. When doing what you’re doing isn’t working anymore, or never was, and it’s time for a change. It doesn’t mean it will be easy every day but somehow when you put taking care of yourself at the top of the priority list, everything else just seems to fall into place around it. Making any transition can be hard so having a program to go to that’s designed so you can step right into it makes working towards success that much easier, and that much more attainable. get-started-today